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2 perfect art mediums, Oil and Pastel

Pet Portraits: Amazing Painted Memories

From your own photograph you'll get a custom hand painted or drawn portrait of your cat, dog or horse, created with meticulous care and attention to detail.

The outcome is a unique pet portrait with a wow factor, a work-of-art you truly deserve to have.

This is art with meaning and personality, a celebration of the best of times you shared with your pet.

A pet portrait unlike any other

Inspired by Your Shared Story

happy pet portrait client

If you like, tell me about your pet and his unique personality, what he means to you and those special moments you’ve shared together, moments you cherish deep in your heart.

What you write to me stays between us!

Your story will be read with great interest and help gaining inspiration even before the first brushstroke meets canvas.

These portraits are not a copy of a photo; if you look closely you will see visible brushstrokes.

My offer to you is a traditionally hand-painted portrait with my unique perspective of what I see in your pet.

Pet portrait artist Katja Turnsek

Who’s Behind PetArt with Heart?

Dear pet owner,

A warm welcome! My name is Katja Turnsek and I'm a pet portrait artist based outside Gothenburg, Sweden.

I will hand-paint or draw a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of your own dog, cat or horse to adorn your walls at home or in your office, for you to treasure forever.

Plain and simple, I’m passionate about painting pets, their expressing, soul and character.

With many years of experience in creating traditional portraits on commission you'll appreciate the level of service you receive, from our initial contact right through to the safe worldwide delivery.

Commissioning a portrait from your own photographs is the perfect way to create a memorial or gift for yourself, friends or family.

I’m looking forward working with you soon.

Pet portrait artist Katja Turnsek

Celebrate your special bond

Even if you’re on a budget

Would you like to commission a portrait of your own pet? The process is very simple and will not require much of your time.

You’ll be able to pay for your painting or drawing in three parts with only a small amount to start, you don’t even have to decide on size yet.

The deposit is about $125 for pastel and $245 for oil.

Commission a portrait no matter where in the world you’re located with FREE shipping and no worries.

You can make a client list deposit even if you still don’t have any good photos. This way you will have a reserved spot and you will be able to take new photos when you have time.

There are only a limited amount of spots available each year so why wait?

  • Follow the progress by each step
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with unlimited revisions
  • Free insured shipping delivered to your door