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Amazing Painted Memories: PetArt with Heart

Dear Animal Lover,

A warm welcome! My name is Katja Turnsek and I'm a pet portrait artist based outside Gothenburg, Sweden. I create amazing pet portraits from photos for clients worldwide.

I will hand-paint or draw a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of your own pet to adorn your walls at home or in your office, for you to treasure forever.

Plain and simple, I’m passionate about painting pets, their expressing, soul and character.

With many years of experience in creating traditional portraits on commission you'll appreciate the level of service you receive, from our initial contact right through to the safe worldwide delivery.

Commissioning a portrait from your own photographs is the perfect way to create a memorial or gift for yourself, friends or family. What a fabulous way to touch the hearts of the pet lovers in your life!

Pet portrait artist Katja Turnsek


10% of your portrait order is donated to a non-profit animal organization. Read more!
Pet portraits in situ

Why My Clients Choose Me

  • Painted with Heart
  • High Quality Premium Art
  • 100% Hand-Painted by a Professional Independent Artist
  • Follow the Progress by each step
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with Unlimited Revisions
  • Free Shipping Delivered to Your Door
  • Your Pet Portrait will help save lives!

The kind of art you love

Have you ever wondered if any artist can define traits and personality unique to your pet?

Even if it's rare it's still possible! You just found a pet portrait artist who will create a portrait with meticulous care and attention to details. With my unique skill and technique I will create your pet’s portrait with accuracy with all of the important features included.

The commission process begins with learning about your pet’s unique personality and characteristics. Tell me all about your pet and those special moments you've sharead together, moments you cherish deep in your heart. I will read your story with great interest and gather inspiration.

This step is as important as the quality of your photos so I can truly capture each individual.

I must admit that I used to be a little skeptical about drawings or paintings of pets. A painting could look very nice, but somehow I couldn't believe someone would be able to reflect the real soul of my own dog and the exact expression of his eyes and temperament.

Well, I have to reconsider my point of view….

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I make it Easy for You

All it takes is just a few clicks: Commission an original, hand-painted portrait of your pet today!

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Celebrate your special Bond

How To Commission Your Pet Portrait

Would you like to commission me to paint or draw your own pet?

The process is very simple and will not require much of your time, all I need are some good quality photos and some of your own ideas for the painting or drawing.

Each commission is unique, the only limit is your imagination!

The Commission Process

  • View price list and decide which medium and size you would like.
  • Contact me with your requirements and photos and pay a deposit to be included on my waiting list.
  • I will create a photo mock-up based on your requirements and send to you.
  • Follow the progress while I'm working on your portrait On The Easel or via your email if preferred.

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